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When I set up this blog it was for fun and to celebrate nudity.  My credo was simple.  No kids (or people under what appeared 18) and no voyeur shots.  Also only professional photos unless they fitted the feel of the blog.

I recently re-posted a picture from a posed site.  Because, as a rule, I remove all comments (especially if they are directed in a way that isn’t in the spirit of nudism). I assume that if you post on Tumblr, then you are OK with reblogs.  I received a rather litigious message about the post.  It wasn’t massively aggressive (but still pretty so). The thing is that I, like many in the nudist community, do this to promote our way of life.  Did I make a mistake? possibly.  Should I have been threatened?  Hell no.  Life’s too short so, I am sorry but I am leaving.  I love you all.  Goodbye

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